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Accessity is an Australian based ICT Company that provides high quality ICT Professional Services and develops software for enterprises.


Our ICT Consultants and ICT Contractors are highly regarded and have worked on many high profile projects for our clients.

Accessity 1NET is our first commercially available software solution. 1NET helps our customers better manage their laptop network connections and helps protect their corporate networks.

Introducing Xapity

Xapity - Apps for System Center Service Manager - SCSM

Our Micosoft System Center Service Manager (SCSM) Tools and Apps Partner

Xapity Products for Microsoft System Center

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Accessity 1NET - Intelligently Managing Your Network Connections

Seamlessly ensuring your computers are always on the right network.

Accessity 1NET...


  • Will disconnect from any untrusted network when on the corporate network

  • Will disconnect from the corporate wireless when on the wired network

  • Will reconnect to the corporate wireless network on wireless disconnect

  • Is hardware independent

  • Operates seamlessly

  • Works with mobile broadband (WWAN), 3G / 4G, wifi / wireless, wired, VPN and DirectAccess (DA) connections

  • Microsoft Active Directory Domain aware and Group Policy managed

Accessity 1NET - Intelligently Prevents Network Bridging

Understand how Accessity 1NET can help protect your corporate network by helping to prevent network bridging.

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