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Accessity 1NET

Accessity 1NET

Intelligently Prevents Network Bridging

Accessity 1NET better enables system administrators to control which networks their computers are on. This helps ensure the corporate network isn’t being exposed to untrusted sources, allows you better control when computers should connect to your corporate wireless network, enhances your VPN’s security and reduces support calls.

1NET intelligently and seamlessly examines the networks a computer is connected to, and based on your rules, decides if that connection should remain.

1NET is a must for any company with Domain connected laptops.  

1NET disconnects untrusted network connections


Help Prevent Network Bridging

While on the corporate network, any untrusted network connections will be seamlessly disconnected. Network connections are examined in real time, giving constant protection. Lean More...

Microsoft Windows Domain Aware

1NET is intelligent and detects your Domain network as the trusted network to be protected. 

Disconnect Wireless on a Wired Connection

1NET can seamlessly disconnect from a wireless / wifi network when a wired LAN connection is made. 1NET will automatically reconnect to your corporate wireless network on wired LAN disconnect.

Central Management and Simple Deployment

No special management console is required. All administration tasks can be performed using Microsoft Group Policy.

1NET ships as a MSI which can be deployed with your existing software deployment toolset.

Mobile Broadband (3G / 4G / LTE) Support

1NET works with any Windows Certified Mobile Broadband WWAN (3G / 4G) modems. It also protects you from mobile phone tethering and hotspots. 

VPN Support

1NET works with all common VPN software and Microsoft DirectAccess (DA). 1NET can also enhance your VPN security by ensuring only the one required public connection exists while the VPN is established.

Hardware Independent

1NET works will all standard PC hardware and docking stations including USB docks. Use the same configuration across your entire hardware fleet regardless of manufacturer.


1NET helps your organisation meet its security compliance reporting needs. 1NET can help Australian Government Agencies satisfy mandatory controls in the Australian Government Information Security Manual (ISM).

View the 1NET Group Policy
1NET Group Policy Management

Accessity 1NET - Intelligently Prevents Network Bridging

Understand how Accessity 1NET can help protect your corporate network by helping to prevent network bridging.


Download Trial

Current Version: v2.5.5

Read the Release Notes


To download a fully function 45 day trial, please complete the form.

System Requirements

Microsoft .NET Framework 4+

Windows 10  (32bit or 64bit)


The computer must be a member of an Active Directory Domain


Accessity 1NET is licensed per computer you intend to install it on and is $6.00 USD per computer.


This includes:

  • First the year support and maintenance for free.

  • For a limited time, we are offering customers lifetime free access to any new 1NET versions even if you don’t have a Support and Maintenance Agreement.


Maintenance and Support

A valid Maintenance and Support is required to log support requests. Maintenance and Support is $1 USD per computer per year, and all computers must be covered. Maintenance and Support is optional. 

Payment Options

We accept payment by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) / Bank Transfer, Credit Card and PayPal.
If you cannot purchase directly from us, we are happy to work with your preferred software reseller.



Buy 1NET Online

You must purchase a license for every computer you intend to install 1NET on.

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Can't buy online?
Please contact us to request a quote. Please let us know how many compters you would like to license and your prefered currency if US dollars doesn't suite.

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