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Accessity 1NET

Accessity 1NET Release Notes

Release Notes

1NET v2.5.5 - 13 February 2021
  • Minor stability enhancements

1NET v2.5.2 - 19 February 2016
  • Fixed issue with auto wireless reconnect resiliency if the wireless profile name has a space (e.g. “My Wireless”) and if the first reconnection attempt fails for external reasons.

1NET v2.5.1 - 20 August 2013
  • FIPS Compliant

1NET v2.5.0 - 12  Ausust 2013
  • Added 'Domain Connections Only' feature

  • ADMX file updated to v1.5 to support 'Domain Connections Only' feature

  • ADM file included with 1NET v2.4.x is no longer supported. ADMX must only be used

  • Reliability improvements when enumerating wireless connections

  • Improved detection of Juniper Junos Pulse VPNs

  • Improved detection of Cisco AnyConnect VPNs

  • Improved detection of Forti SSL VPNs

  • Logging improvements

  • Digitally signed binaries

1NET v2.4.1 - 12 May 2013
  • Fixed issue where the 1NET service may not start on some Windows 8 systems

  • Improved detection of Juniper SSL VPNs

1NET v2.4.0 - 17 February 2013
  • Added a new feature to restrict the number of public networks to one for computers while they are off the Domain network.

  • Improved detection for popular SSL VPN clients

  • Simplified exclusion process for VPNs not automatically detected by 1NET

  • New ADMX file to control new setting 'Single Remote Adapter'

1NET v2.3.0 - 26 November 2012
  • Added the ability to exclude VPNs which appear to Windows standard network adapters and not a VPN adapter

1NET v2.2.0 - 14 November 2012
  • Now automatically reconnects to the corporate wireless network when disconnect from the corporate wired network

  • Fixed licensing issue

1NET v2.1.0 - 05 September 2012
  • Improved support for VPNs and Tunnel Adapters

  • New Group Policy ADMX to configure1NETs VPN and Tunnel support

1NET v2.0.0 - 12 July 2012
  • Initial release of v2.0.0


Known Issues

Issue 1

Issue: 1NET service may not start on system boot if McAfee Agent 4.8 is installed. Newer or older versions of the McAfee agent are not known to cause this issue.  
Versions Affected: All 1NET versions

 Fix: This is a McAfee issue. Install McAfee Agent 4.8 Patch 1

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