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1NET Administration and Installation Guide

Top Support Questions

Why does the 1NET service not start?

The most common reasons for the 1NET service not starting are:


  • The 1NET prerequisites are not installed or working correctly. Check that you have the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 or later installed

  • The 1NET service will not start if the trial period has expired and there is no license file on the computer. Uninstalling and reinstalling 1NET will not extend the trial. You can contact us for an extended trial.

  • If you have purchased 1NET, ensure that your License.License file is installed into the same directory as the 1NET.exe. The 1NET MSI will automatically install this file if it is in the same directory as the MSI when it is installed.

  • If you use McAfee Antivirus and you have the McAfee Agent 4.8 installed, you will need have at least McAfee Agent 4.8 Patch 1 or any later version installed. Older McAfee Agent versions should also work with 1NET without issue.


If these causes do not resolve the issue, please examine the Windows Application and System logs or enable the 1NET log.

If you have a valid Maintenance and Support agreement, you can contact 1NET support for more assistance.

Why might 1NET fail to install?

The most common reason for 1NET failing to install is that the installer could not start the 1NET service during the install. Please see the 'Why does the 1NET service not start?' topic.

Why may 1NET not disconnect my Mobile Broadband (3G/4G) connection?
  • Ensure your Mobile Broadband (3G/4G) modem drivers are fully Window Certified (WHQL).

  • Ensure you can connect and disconnect your Mobile Broadband connection using the native Windows Connection Manager and not a third party Connection Manager. Also test that if 1NET can disconnect the Mobile Broadband connection when connected by the native Windows Connection Manager.

  • We recommend not using third party Connection Managers if possible. Instead performing a 'drivers only' install for you modem and use the native Windows Connection Manager.

If you are still having issues, try Enabling the 1NET setting ‘Disconnect Virtual Adapters’.  For Mobile Broadband modem drivers that fully integrate with the Windows Connection Manager, this setting should not be causing an issue, but some modems can use a virtual network driver which 1NET might be allowing. Please see the ‘Administration and Installation Guide’ for more information regarding this setting.

How do I enable logging?

In order to monitor 1NET's operation, you can enable 1NET logging. To do this, create and set the following registry key and restart the 1NET service or computer.

      Key: HKLM\Software\Accessity\1Netv2
      Type: DWORD
      Value Name: DebugLog
      Value: 1

The log file can then be found in %windir%\temp\1NET_Debug.log

Will 1NET automatically reconnect to an untusted wireless network?

1NET only automatically reconnects to a trusted corporate (Domain) wireless network. 1NET will not automatically reconnect to untrusted (Public) networks.

When I connect to the corporate VPN, the connection gets dropped.

1NET supports corporate VPN connections and they should just work!

By default, VPN support should be enabled. If you are having issues, verify the 'Allow Remote Access VPN' setting is enabled.

1NET must also be able to identify the network adapter associated with your VPN software. By default, 1NET supports most SSL and IPSEC VPNs including Cisco, Microsoft, Juniper and Forti. If your connection is being dropped it most likely that your VPN not being detected by 1NET as a VPN connection. To register your adapter with 1NET, is a simple process, please see the 'Allow Remote Access VPN' section of 'Administration and Installation Guide' for details.

If I manually disconnect from my corporate wireless network, will 1NET automatically reconnect to it?

No, 1NET will only automatically reconnect to wireless networks if 1NET performed the disconnection from it. If the user manually disconnects from the wireless network, normal Windows behaviour is honoured. This is to provide a predictable user experience.

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